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Easy Way Brush Oiler

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Model D-91 Wall-Mount Brush Oiler
(shown mounted on Cattle Saver)

A uniquely constructed combination of the cattle oiler bursh with a curtain inside the brush, to spread the insecticide evenly over the full length of the brush.

Your cattle will love it! As they rub, the insecticide is applied evenly. It will keep them clean and well gloomed, and helps control flies, lice, ticks, and all other external parasites.

The Easy Way Brush Oiler can be easily mounted anywhere - on posts, trees or the Easy Way Mineral Feeder and Face Fly Fighter. Available also with a stand.

Helps Control Files, Lice, Ticks and All Other External Parasites
Applies Insecticide Evenly
Can Be Easily Moved From Pasture to Pasture
Very Low Maintenance

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